Who we are

"We have nothing to lose and a world to see!"

As our grandparents would say "we are in our prime". We have a secure jobs, a wide circle of friends, a flat, a car and our lovely families. The ideal circumstances in which to start our own family...


Hmmm... seriously? That's all for now? Since the age of 18 we have had professional lives - and as we have to work around 40 more years we should stay here without seeing anything else? 


For the very reason that we are "in our prime" we will leave home and start our adventure!

Our Profiles

Name:       Jennifer Wüst (alias Ms. Africa)

Age:            27 years

Job:             bilingual secretary; currently product manager

Hobbies:    Riding, Animals, Photography, Dancing, playing guitar 

Countries: Africa, Thailand, China, India, Europe

Motto:        Everything happens for a reason


About me: My wanderlust began in 2011 in Africa. I took a sabbatical and travelled through Africa for 3 months. Since I was little, Africa was my favourite country with its spectacular wildlife and a completely different culture to Europe. 

I worked with animals in reservation camps but also taught in schools and worked in the human medical sector.

Name:        Markus Mann 

Age:             31 years

Job:             Product Manager

Hobbies:    Climbing, Food ;)

Countries: Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe

Motto:        No guts, no glory! 


About me: I started my Project in 2011 with a "Work and Travel" year in Australia
The most amazing aspect of travelling is the people I meet and their stories - because these people influence our lives. 
My greatest wish is to infect you with the “Wanderlust Virus" - and to assist you with our field reports from around the world.